/梅/ 氏
Name suffix
妣 main marriage
Birth of a son
China Government/Dynasties
Liao Dynasty
from 916 to 1125
Note: Source citation: Liao Dynasty Wikipedia
China Government/Dynasties
Song or Sung Dynasty
from 960 to 1279
Note: Source citation: Song Dynasty Wikipedia
Note: Period of great social and intellectual change: Neo-Confucianism attains supremacy over Taoism and Buddhism; central bureaucracy reestablished. Widespread cultivation of tea and cotton; gunpowder first used militarily. This was also the golden age of Chinese painting. Militarily however, the Song empire remained weak, preferring diplomacy to warfare. In 1125, the empire was overrun by the Jin, forcing the emperor to flee south. In 1275, China fell to the Mongols. source
妣 main marriage