, 17321790 (aged 58 years)

/黃/ 氏
Name suffix
about 1732
妣 main marriage
Birth of a son
about 1765 (aged 33 years)
1st President of the United States
George Washington
April 30, 1789 (aged 57 years)
China Government/Dynasties
Qing or Ching or Manchu Dynasty
from 1636 to 1912 (122 years after death)
Note: Source citation: Qing Dynasty Wikipedia
Note: 2nd foreign dynasty to rule China—Unlike the Mongols however, the Manchu adopted Chinese dress and customs. However, they did force men to wear the queue. Neo-Confucianism was made the official doctrine, demanding loyalty to the emperor, but Chinese culture was preserved and Chinese were excluded only from the very senior court positions. Increasing European trade causedforeign powers divide China into spheres of influence. The Boxer uprising caused the downfall of this last dynasty. source
about 1790 (aged 58 years)
妣 main marriage