, 646719 (aged 73 years)

Given names
China Government/Dynasties
Tang Dynasty
from 618 to 907 (188 years after death)
Note: Source citation: Tang Dynasty Wikipedia
Note: The Tang dynasty is regarded as the highest point of Chinese civilization. The country was at its largest and wealthiest. Its new-found confidence was reflected particularly in its art and literature. Porcelain became more refined; poetry reached its peak and poems written during the period are still quoted by Chinese today. During the Tang dynasty, Buddhism declined, and Confucianism became more popular. Even though Buddhism was at its peak during the early Tang dynasty, many of the Tang officials were of the Confucian discipline and regarded Buddhism as a disruptive force in China. So, in 845, the Tang emperor started a full-scale persecution of Buddhists. More than 4600 monasteries and 40,000 temples and shrines were destroyed. Other religious groups were also brought under government control. Civil service examinations were based on Confucianism. source
Death of a father
719 (aged 73 years)